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Maureen Corbin-Cooley, REALTOR®, real estate agent and broker for Beaufort South Carolina home listings, property and land for sale - NUMBER1EXPERT(tm)
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Maureen Corbin-Cooley, REALTOR®, real estate agent and broker for Beaufort South Carolina home listings, property and land for sale - NUMBER1EXPERT(tm)

Maureen Corbin-Cooley
Corbin-Cooley Realty

322 Westbrook Road
Dataw Island, SC 29920
Phone: 843 838 1234
Fax: 843 838 7777
Mobile: 843 812 5435

Maureen grew up in a Navy family. After graduating from Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Boston University, and California State University Hayward, she and her husband spent most of their careers working for the U.S. government in Europe. Maureen’s final assignment was in Beaufort where she and Bill fell in love with the low country and decided “this was the place”.

When Maureen retired from government service, she immediately pursued a career in real estate. Within two years she earned three special designations, GRI, CRS and ABR, and launched into a successful career in record time. Her long hours of study and hard work paid off in a loyal clientele and a reputation as an honest, friendly, and hardworking realtor.

Maureen works as hard for the little guy as she does for her high-end clients, believing earnestly that everyone deserves the best, and everyone is important to her. As an experienced realtor, she knows the inventory, knows the town, and knows the best people to get the best results for her clients. Maureen leaves no stone unturned when working for her clients and always pays close attention to her clients’ requirements as well as their desires. She is tireless in her efforts to find her buyers just the right house and to get her sellers the best possible price. She communicates frequently with her clients and above all else listens to their requests.

Maureen loves her work. She has a wide range of friends and acquaintances stemming from her church work, membership in Rotary, Beaufort chorale, kayaking groups, and swimming club. In addition she is a devoted wife and mother, an avid reader, an enthusiastic swimmer, and a “sometime” golfer.

Call her if you have any real estate needs. She will be pleased to answer questions, set up appointments, and make suggestions where needed. Maureen says “people are her first priority”. Depend on it and give her a call.


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